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Two thumbs up, 5 Stars and an A+ for Jackie Parker and Crowning Point Tutors.  After having a wonderful initial conversation with Jackie, she sent Jillian to our home to work with my son Eli who was in 6th grade at the time. Jillian has been and continues to be an INCREDIBLE tutor. Initially she was helping Eli with Pre-Algebra, but then she started helping him with all subjects. Jillian is incredibly knowledgeable as well as kind and professional.  From week to week Eli tells her what he needs to work on and she helps him get it done. From math concepts, to English essays to history tests...Jillian does it all, and she does it all well. I can't recommend Jillian and Crowning Point Tutors highly enough. It's a blessing to find people who truly care and who don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk. We are so grateful for both Jackie and Jillian.

Julie, Sierra Canyon Parent


My daughter's teacher recommended you and your agency very highly--and I can see why!  My daughter LOVES her tutor and she got a near-perfect score on her Spanish test!  Thanks again.  We are very pleased.  

Archer School Parent


My son received an early Christmas present in the form of early acceptance to Boston College.  It was his first choice and he is really happy.  He now gets to enjoy the rest of his senior year with a lot less stress.  You have been such an important resource to him during his time at Harvard-Westlake and we thank you for that.  

Harvard-Westlake Parent


Miriam is fantastic—I told my daughter that if she wanted a tutor, I would get her one, so this is completely driven by my 13 year-old.  Week after week, she is thankful that Miriam is coming, her grades have improved (even a 103 on a recent test), and she really looks forward to their sessions.  As we approach finals, Miriam will be instrumental in my daughter’s studies.

Amy, Windward School Parent


Your tutoring Sloane has made SUCH a difference, I can't begin to tell you. She breezed through her final and said she felt very confident! She had two hours to take it and said she was done in just an hour and ten minutes. She is grasping the tenses and verbs so much better now...and she has gained so much confidence. She came skipping up so happy that she was done and felt sure that she had done well. She started eighth grade Spanish at Marlborough in the seventh grade, but felt really shaky. She only had one year in the sixth grade. Thanks not only for explaining concepts to her in a way that she can understand, but also for boosting her self-esteem. We look forward to seeing you again when school starts because you have been just amazing!!!

My daughter was struggling with Algebra/Trig and had the lowest grade she has ever had in anything...a C-, C+ average.  She was coming up on her final exam and her teacher said it would be very unlikely she could improve.  She then had Jake as her tutor and he worked with her as much as she needed and was persistent that she understand everything and wouldn't stop until she did.  She got an A- on the final exam which covered the entire unit for the semester.  She regained her confidence and was so happy she said she cried.  Her teacher told her that she has NEVER in her history of teaching seen a student be able to do that!!  Jackie, thank you for finding Jake for us...he's brilliant!

Cheryl Hofer, Marlborough Parent


I would highly recommend Jake as a Physics Tutor. He is professional, knowledgeable, and always arrived on time for my son Christopher's tutoring sessions. In addition to making the sessions informative and fun, I was impressed that Jake was always able keep Christopher on track even on those occasions when Christopher lacked a high level of preparation. Christopher has a renewed confidence after having worked with Jake. Thank you!

Bettina Duval, Loyola, Berkeley Hall, and Marlborough Parent


My daughter really benefited from both your tutors – Mitch for AP Calculus and Candice for AP English. We had started tutoring with a competitor of yours, but were not satisfied. My daughter felt not only that Mitch and Candice were very knowledgeable, but also were great at connecting with her. And as a parent, I greatly appreciated your strong communication skills. I always felt like you were organized and on top of the scheduling! Thank you all for your support!

Denise Brown, Sierra Canyon Parent


Thank you and Liana for all your work with my daughter and for all the nice things you had to say about her.  It is always gratifying to hear your child is doing well! She certainly was a lot more confident on her entrance exam than a classmate who studied on his own, with no outside help.  We did not hear anything until the start of school, but she passed the placement test and is now settling in comfortably in Spanish 3H.  Thanks again, and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to friends!

Windward Parent


Thanks so much. Emily felt she did well on the test and she really appreciated all the extra effort from her tutor. I think it helped Emily feel more confident and she's feeling better about her ability to do the work. I really appreciate your help and I think it’s working out very well.

Liana has been great with Allie. She makes the sessions fun; she's totally sympathetic to what it's like to do the work but still manages to get Allie to stay on task. In the end she's proud of the effort she's made and the results.

Patricia Lombard, Archer and Marlborough School Parent


As usual, thanks for everything.  You were there for my son at the last minute, and Jake really helped him get caught up in his understanding of Calculus.  This is the very first time we have used a tutor for math, and he was fantastic. 

Miriam, too, is wonderful and has been extremely helpful.  I am so grateful.  She has really helped my son with his college essays, and once we’re all done with this process, I would like her to continue to work with him, to increase his confidence as a writer. 

Annie , Windward and New Roads Parent


I have been so impressed with Jackie Parker and her company. I had a tutor from another source and needed to change on very short notice and Jackie really came through for me. My son worked with Candice and loved her. She can handle most any subject and also really knows how to handle teenagers. My son equally loves Tohoru--their personalities work extremely well together and they are looking forward to working together next year. Jackie has been great about matching my son to the right tutor.

Jennifer Steele, Campbell Hall Parent


My daughter was successful in her final and received a B in the class! This new grade has given her admission to SFSU for the fall semester. We are very thankful to Jake for all of his help. He went above and beyond, in a very short time, to help her succeed. Your quick response to my call for help was really appreciated. We were able to get on the right track immediately. Thanks again.

Donielle Kahikina, Northridge Academy Parent


Liana really helped my daughter identify the areas for which she most needed help and review, which has already given her confidence going into this year!  

Marlborough Parent


Mikey got straight A's on his last report card, and is doing really well now. 

Carrie, Lanai Road Elementary Parent


My son got a 4 on the Chemistry AP and a 750 on the Subject Test, so we are very pleased.   

North Hollywood High School Parent


My kids have gained significantly more confidence as a result of working with their tutors. Both Liana and Jake are always professional, fair, and balanced in their feedback. What I personally love most is that they actually care about the performance of the teens they work with. They each show a genuine interest in my kids’ increased confidence and their performance results. I’m sure I’ll be reaching out to you again before fall to set the teens up for success in their junior and senior years!

Alisha Keyes-Dix, Harvard-Westlake and Marlborough Parent


Ms. Jackie Parker is TRULY gifted in matching tutors with children. It is almost like she has a sixth sense about which teachers will fit with which students. This lady gets 5 STARS from me! Brent- Piano, Emily-Math, soon to be Alix for Art.

I just wanted to let you know that I just spoke with Alix, and she is PRECIOUS!! Truly. You have a real gift for matching teachers with students. I have a very good feeling that the girls are going to love her and her teaching methods! You should feel so proud of yourself and what you have done with your company. I mean that with utmost sincerity.

Athene Noelle, Archer Parent


We are very happy with Jake; he is able to communicate with our daughter in a very constructive way and she is doing much better in both Math and Chemistry.  I’ll let you know when she gets her final grades, but she has gone from C/D territory in classwork, homework, and tests to A/B territory.  We’re very pleased, so proud of her, and deeply grateful to you and Jake.  

I just got my daughter's grades and she's getting an A- in Physics! Her teacher actually recommended that she consider Intro to Engineering next year. Thanks to Jake for his patience and perseverance and to you for all your support.

Michele Cordoba, Sierra Canyon Parent


Amanda has been very happy with Sechung. She is very sweet and encouraging. They have been working together for only two months and Amanda is now getting A’s in both of her math classes. It has been a great match for Amanda. Thank you!

Amanda really likes Jake—he is very upbeat and fun. Listening to Amanda, they were laughing and brain storming and Amanda was getting very inspired by her ideas.

Megan is amazing! Amanda got the highest grade on her chemistry test last week and scored so much better on her ACTs. All of your tutors are great fits for Amanda!!!

Joy Steinberg, Westmark Parent


My son began Spanish as the second of two new languages in a period of just three years, and initially was reluctant and struggling. Jackie not only taught him the basics, but also encouraged his enjoyment and use of the language in everyday situations. She has been wonderfully patient, creative, and persistent in getting Jacques to achieve his best, and is always punctual and a pleasure to be around. She provides ample, detailed written feedback and truly goes the extra mile! Thank you!

Hilton Kaplan, New Roads Parent


As a college graduate, I understand the importance of having the right support and guidance when it comes to academic support. So when it came time for my brother to attend, I wanted to make sure he had the best tools necessary to succeed on his journey of higher education. When it came to writing skills he needed someone who could provide a clear lesson on what he needed to improve on as well as professional feedback that would actually make a difference on his grades. He found that with Crowning Point Tutoring. After two weeks of looking for a tutoring network that was both professional and caring to their clients, I contacted Crowning's amazing founder Jackie. She is professional, supportive, and always available for her clients. And the same goes for the amazing tutor Kate that she matched my brother with. Kate helped my brother change his grade to an A for English and words cannot express how grateful my brother and family are to Crowning's amazing services. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of educational support! You will not be disappointed.

Bianca G., sister of a Santa Monica College student


We love Candice and will gladly refer her to anyone who is looking for an awesome tutor. Thank you!

Candice Weiner, Windward Parent


It was the end of Ariana's 10th grade year in a new high school--one of those years where it's harder, as a parent, to be in touch with teachers. The week before her math final, Ariana came sobbing to us that she felt lost, that the concepts had not sunk in, and that she felt as if she was spinning her wheels in confusion. We were at a loss, and through some friends, found Jackie Parker and Crowning Point Tutoring. I was skeptical as to what could be done at the eleventh hour, but decided to give it a shot. Jackie, on the other hand, was completely confident, and she wasn't wrong. She sent us Jake, who showed up and spent about three hours over the course of the weekend prepping Ariana, establishing all the basic concepts to work from, getting her focused on the task of passing her final, and incorporating rest into the picture, as well. Ariana not only passed with flying colors, but also learned some significant learning tools. Since then, we've gone back and have Jake step in when concepts aren't making sense to Ari. Thank you! I have to say Crowning Point and Jake have been one of the best gifts I've ever given my daughter. Anytime we want to bring ease to her learning process we incorporate Jake into the equation and she has success.

Katayoun Marciano, Hamilton High School Parent


Thank you so much for talking to Luka. He enjoys your classes very much and even more talking to you. He seems much more relaxed about the whole college experience! Clearly, helping young people is your path because judging by Luka’s experience, you make a big difference in kids’ lives.

Sanja Hays, Santa Monica High School Parent


Thank you for all your suggestions in helping my daughter get excited about Spanish.  She felt she did very well on the test, so a big thank you to you and Liana!

Marlborough Parent


Jackie has been working with me for the last two years to help me learn, enjoy, and improve my Spanish. She has helped me to learn how to conjugate verb tenses. Without Jackie I would have never seen the stunning side to learning Spanish and would have never had the right tools to have a conversation with Latin American people.

Jacques Kaplan, New Roads Student


Thank you so much, Jackie, for your support and resources.  I reached out to you last year in truly a place of desperation.  Your support as a professional and friend have helped our family immensely.  Deb became such an important part of our team, and such a great support for both me and our daughter.  You are doing great work and really helping families. 

Parent, Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts


Lauren was especially impressed with Laura; she made the subject really interesting, and Lauren enjoyed the time they spent together and felt that she learned a lot. Here is what she had to say about Laura: “She was really, really interesting, and I was able to learn a lot of Psychology in a short amount of time.” That’s a compliment from a 16 year-old who ordinarily isn’t that impressed by tutors.

Nancy Beyda, LACES and The Country School Parent


I have never been able to call myself a confident language student, but after our few sessions you shaped my grammar and conjugation skills and somehow brought out a Spanish-speaking confidence I never knew I had. Thank you so much!!

Hey Jackie! Thanks so much for checking in. I don't know what my final Chem and Calc grades were, but I really felt very prepared and confident. Jake was SO helpful. He had some of the best teaching skills and you are really lucky to have him at Crowning Point. Thanks so much for everything!

Olivia K., Hamilton High School Student


I have been thrilled with the quality of the tutors you have been sending me for my girls. Emily has been incredibly helpful to my 10th grade daughter in both Chemistry and Geometry. She has been wonderful in providing help and support, especially right before that big exam. Also Liana has been incredible in working with my middle schooler in Spanish. She has a great understanding of the language and is able to get the basics down to help my daughter build a great foundation in the language. I recommend both of these ladies to anyone needing tutoring for their children.

Daniel Schwartz, Brentwood School and Archer Parent


Maddie is very happy and is feeling like she's getting great help from Kate.  Thank you so much for making this happen so quickly.  

Karen, Marlborough Parent


Thanks, Jackie, for your note.  You’re incredibly organized and I can’t tell you how much we’ve appreciated all your help with finding Lily such a wonderful tutor.  It was a great match, and it truly helped Lily get through a very difficult period.  We’re deeply grateful to you both.  

Marlborough Parent


Want to let you know that we are super happy with our son’s ISEE!  He did a good job in math, an excellent job on the reading stuff and best of all, he attempted every question—which is fantastic.  He even got some of those tougher, end-of-section questions right. Miriam’s test prep really set him up to do well.  Please pass along our pleased-ness.  Thanks for all!

Wonderland Elementary School Parent


Jillian tutored my daughter in every subject for a highly academic curriculum.  She was always punctual and able to tutor in depth in any subject. She is detailed and helped my daughter achieve success at this highly academic school.  I highly recommend her for any subject.  She also connected with my daughter on a personal level.  

Ilene A., Sierra Canyon Parent


Thank you for all your help this past year.  Jake has been fantastic, and Henry received a solid A on his math final.  I will reach out to you in August and we will get on your schedule for next year.

Deirdra, Harvard-Westlake Parent


Emily's the best!  We're so happy!

Janelle, Brentwood School Parent


Elizabeth was very helpful--especially in science, where she prepared my daughter for her finals.

Rena, Archer Parent


Thank you, Jackie for all your help enriching our daughter’s academic career.

Seth, Hamilton High School Parent


My son is doing so much better in Chemistry and Algebra.  Sam said the Chemistry is college level--no wonder it's hard!  Anyway, he's a great fit for my son and the test scores are up, up, up!  Thanks so much.

Leslie, Harvard-Westlake Parent


I met Gia personally yesterday and got to see, first-hand, her great personality and enthusiasm!  Thanks for all your help, Jackie!   

My son and his tutor have done great work together so far, in bringing his F grade where they started to almost a B now.  He is only 1% from a full B and is very committed to achieving it!  Thanks again, and have a great day!   

It has been such an amazing ride, in such a short period of time, for both kids, and we appreciate all you’ve done to find them such qualified tutors!  Obviously, my son has made tremendous leaps from where he was at the beginning of the year, and he’s ready to face the challenges of the rigorous curriculum of his high school years.  We are looking forward to continuing to work together next year, supporting both kids.  Have a great summer!

Eric A., Sierra Canyon Parent

Miriam is magnificent and we feel so grateful to have her help with Latin.  

Michelle, Marlborough Parent


Sophie did very well on her placement test, thanks to Liana.

Marlborough Parent   


My daughter is really happy with Emily for SAT prep and other tutoring.  Jake has been a terrific math tutor, and I would be happy to refer him to any of your other students.  

Chris, Santa Monica High School Parent


Elizabeth was really great.  I love her enthusiasm.  My daughter stated that she now feels she will certainly pass the test on Thursday.  I thank you so much for rising to the call and saving the day.  My daughter is relieved and feels confident.  Thanks!

Marlborough Parent


Thank you again, Jackie, for all of the kindness you have shown me, the time you have devoted to helping arrange things for the girls, and for finding them such wonderful tutors.  I really admire you and your professionalism. 

Archer Parent


Karla is great -- she has been a tremendous help to Haley and they're doing really well together.  Thanks again!

Beverly Hills High School Parent


We LOVED Liana. She was very patient and such an amazing tutor.   

Rena, Marlborough Parent


Thank you so much for recommending Jake!  He was terrific, and Emma got a lot out of their session.

Hamilton High School Parent


Thank you, Jackie.  Maria is great, and my daughter says that she's been incredibly helpful!  

Marlborough Parent



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