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We understand that students and their families come to us for a variety of reasons and we assign tutors based on the needs of each individual.


  • Find the subject matter particularly challenging.

  • Need revision of the basics to ensure they have a solid foundation.

  • Demonstrate an aptitude for the subject and are doing well, but want to master the material.

  • Understand the theories presented in class but have difficulty with their practical application.

  • Have a learning disability and need individual attention and personalized strategies to stay on top of their subjects.  

  • Take online classes and/or are homeschooled. 


We work with students who:

We attract and retain only the best tutors in the area. While we regularly interview and test instructors in a variety of subject areas, only those whose level of professionalism, dedication, experience, and compassion are of the highest caliber become members of our team.


  • Each Crowning Point tutor is an accomplished private educator with an excellent track record of success in the subjects he or she tutors.

  • Many of our instructors are certified professional classroom teachers with advanced degrees.

  • Every member of our faculty, regardless of whether or not he or she has taught in the classroom, is familiar with the challenges faced by most students in a large group setting. Our tutors understand the pressures that confront their students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels and are experienced in providing the essential guidance and strategies for their students to feel confident and secure.

We are committed to pairing our students with tutors whose teaching style complements their learning style.

For that reason, the input you provide about you, your child or your teen is invaluable. We welcome any questions and will take all the time you need in our initial phone consultation to discuss each learner's needs, strengths, weaknesses, interests, and study habits. From there, we will outline a plan of action that will most suit each unique situation.

If, at any time, you would like a different tutor, we would be happy to make a change. Our goal is to provide you with a tutor who not only knows the material inside and out, but with whom you, your child or your teen have good chemistry and can best be motivated to learn.

One of the primary advantages of private tutoring is that it allows each student to receive the personal attention he or she needs. Students who are hesitant to speak up in class for fear of how they will be perceived, benefit from the one-on-one interaction provided by in-home lessons. At Crowning Point Tutoring, we create a safe space in which our students can ask questions, share their ideas, and discover real solutions.

  • Have make-up work to complete after transferring to a new school or after a prolonged absence.

  • Require some assistance with their organizational skills to ensure that all of their work is turned in on time.

Crowning Point Tutors are experts in their fields.  


  • Our devoted and empathetic instructors are passionate about teaching and bring their love of learning to each session, motivating and uplifting young minds.

  • They personalize each lesson and are skilled at making difficult concepts easy to understand.

  • They excel at diagnosing and assessing the needs of their students, and at making the necessary adjustments.

  • They communicate with their students’ classroom teachers, upon the parents’ request, to target the areas on which their pupils most need to focus.

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