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Excellence in Education

Crowning Point


"Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."  --attributed to Lao Tzu

This ancient proverb is the cornerstone of our approach at Crowning Point Tutoring.  As educators, we are committed to the long-term success of each student.  It is our mission, therefore, to empower our students to think critically and analytically, so they can

meet any challenge, both in their academic careers and in their personal lives.  


We understand that every student is unique, with his or her own needs, strengths, and learning styles.  We work with our students at their level, first by assessing the ways in which they learn best, then by giving them the support they need to grasp the material, and finally by expanding their knowledge base and encouraging them to succeed beyond their own expectations.  


We assess our students' progress during each session, to ensure that they thoroughly understand the material and are able to teach back what they have learned. Numerous studies and our own experience have shown that it is in teaching that we learn best. By getting our students to instruct us in the subject matter at hand, we can ensure that the work has been not only understood, but also integrated.


Each session is an opportunity for us to help our students with

their critical thinking skills, to establish effective study habits, and to gain a greater sense of self-esteem.


We inspire those whom we teach to take an active role in their education, to ask questions, and to take a genuine pride in their work and in their accomplishments.  

One of our greatest joys, as teachers, is to see our students, once confused and frustrated by the subject matter, gain confidence in their abilities and take ownership of the material.  


We provide a nurturing environment in which each learner receives the personalized instruction he or she needs to feel empowered and to flourish academically, and beyond.  


Our commitment to excellence is the foundation of Crowning Point Tutoring.  We are here to be of maximum service and to collaborate with you in the achievement of your educational goals.  

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